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As occupants of our colorful world, we should all foster the elegant beauty that surrounds us. We at Advantage Printing, Inc. are doing our part to protect what we all find so special. We take pride in our environmental efforts and adhere to our ongoing Green Solutions. Here's how!...
  • We recycle over 40 tons of paper waste annually.
  • We recycle all aluminum press plates, cardboard, and make-ready.
  • Our press room is equipped with the latest technology presses, which consumes less electricity and results in less make-ready time and paper waste.
  • We use vegetable based inks.
  • We participate in both electronic file proofing and file transfer methods.
  • We print for a variety of environmentally conscious businesses not only locally but in surrounding areas as well.
  • Our employees actively participate in recycling plastic and aluminum items in the workplace such as soda cans and bottles.
  • Several of our employees car pool and ride their bikes to work weekly.